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About Apostle Melvin L. Tisdale

Apostle Melvin Tisdale is a leader of leaders, a father to many men and women who lead ministries in Louisiana and throughout other areas in the country.   In 1997 Apostle Tisdale was released into the Apostolic Ministry to father men in the Lord and to help strengthen and structure pastors and their churches.

 Apostle Melvin L. Tisdale has the spirit of a father...he is not interested in building an organization where ministers apply to be members.  He has a growing group of spiritual sons and daughters that he personally relates to...He also trains his sons and daughters how to be spiritual parents.  He does so by demonstration as well as practical training.

Apostle Tisdale's vision is to see the restoration of Kingdom Principles, enabling the body of Christ to:

Apostle Tisdale resides in Ball, Louisiana with his wife, Clolita.